Fishing competition at Skjaergardscamping / Vikna



Dear fishingfriends,


for the first time, we are organizing a fishing competition in our beautiful camp on Vikna.

The competition starts at early April and ends at late September 2014, so that all guests can participate.

The largest and heaviest fish, landed in our camp, wins. The fish will be weighed by us, measured and photographed together with the catcher. We will enter the values ​​into a table, which we update constantly and unhook the office.

At the end of the season we will post the winners on our website

( ) .

The winners will also be notified personally by us.By entering the competition, the winners agree that the photos can be published for advertising purposes on our website and the websites of our partners.


We repeat this fishing competition every 5 years until we revoke it. The next competition is for our 10th Anniversary 2022.

                   The prices of the competition are:


1.                  Price: A cabin for 6 people free for a week

2.                  Price: A boat for 4 persons free for a week

3.                  Price: 50 liters of petrol for a boat


We recommend early booking through us or our partners, because the number of our cabins is limited.


Dear fishing friends, here is the list of winners of fishing competition
At the moment the biggest fish is 1.49 m and 43 kg
the second largest fish at 1.32 m and 22.5 kg
the third largest fish at 1.31 m 22 kg









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